2018 Events

                                     Lambing started on 21 Jan 2018.  The next-to last lamb was born 25 Feb  and the last on March 13.  71 lambs were born to 41 ewes. Fourteen ewes (34%) had a singleton, 24 had twins and three had triplets.  The ratio of lambs born to ewes delivering was 1.74.  lower than we sometimes have.  One ewe of 42 put to the ram did not lamb.  We followed up to learn that  all the ewes who had left us in 2017 as marked by a ram did indeed  lamb.  More discussion on the page Sheep Health.

At the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May we sold two ewe lambs and a recessively-colored ram lamb through the  sale. In the white Romney  show   we had 3rd yearling ram and 3rd pair of yearling ewes. In the natural colored Romney show we had 2nd yearling ram, 1st and 6th yearling ewes (second pair); Junior ewe lambs 2nd and 3rd with 2nd pair of natural-colored ewe lambs.  Second flock.

It’s always a delight to hear about a second or third  generation of  sheep with some Anchorage background.  We heard from Misty Rose Farm (Allison Seyfert Streaker ) recently that at the Maryland State Fair Misty Rose had  Champion Ewe,  Reserve Champion Ewe, Champion Ram, and Best Fleece in the Natural Colored Long Wool show.  Allison wrote  that the  yearling ram and yearling ewe were sired by her Jordan (Anchorage 963B-11) and that the ewe lamb”Frankie,” who also had best fleece in class, is Anchorage 1591B-18 that she had bought at the MD S&W Festival  auction in May. Congratulations Allison and thanks for the shout-out.

Tabitha Westermann took her ewe lamb Lumi (Anchorage 1600-18) and ram lamb Winston (Anchorage 1568B-18) to The Garden State Sheep and Fiber Festival in September. Tabitha was Ch Junior showman.  Lumi was first ewe lamb in the long wool division and Winston 1st ram lamb in that division. Strong work all around and thanks to Tabitha and her family for sending the good news.

Norma Johnson took the recessively-colored ram lamb she got from us this year to the Washington County Fair where he was Ch natural-colored ram.  Thank you, Norma, for having the boldness to go toward recessive color.