Stud rams used fall 2017



Chapin 145  

Chapin 145  ARBA 140804,  pictured above, was Supreme Ch white ram at the 2015 NYS Sheep and Wool festival (Rhinebeck) and Ch white Romney Jr ram lamb at the 2015 Big E.  We are very grateful to  the Chapin family for letting him join our flock.  A ewe lamb of his was Ch white ewe at the  ARBA 2017 National Show in September,  under Judge Geoff Ruppert.  A ram lamb of his was Res Ch white ram at the same show and  best-fleeced white Romney.

Tawanda Farms W14 “Sangria” ARBA  134371BB   putative genotype at agouti Alblb Adbl or Albl Aa

Tawanda Farms Y1077 “Cary” ARBA 135286BB     putative genotype at agouti Alblb Adbl

More about these two admirable recessively colored rams in our recessive color section.













Chapin 145 Supreme Ch. white ram as a lamb New York State Sheep and Wool Festival