Show News 2016

In 2016 we only went to one show,  but take great satisfaction and pride in what young people did with sheep they had bought from us and the progeny of those sheep.

Phebe Alley

Anchorage 1314 natural colored (n/c) yearling ewe

        New England Youth Sheep Show (NEYSS) 4th N/C Yearling Ewe          

Anchorage 1422 white ewe lamb

       NYS Fair  open class 1st place Jr. Ewe Lamb and  Reserve Champion Ewe

Abigail Crisp

White ewe lamb out of ewe Anchorage 1007BW-11 Tw n/c (bought at       2015 NYS       Bred Ewe Sale) sired by Pitchfork Ranch 721 n/c

        Dutchess County Fair 4H 1st place Jr Ewe Lamb and Res. Ch. Ewe

        Dutchess County Fair open class Res. Ch. Romney Ewe and Best Headed Romney

Shelby Crisp

 Natural-colored ram lamb out of ewe  Anchorage 1007BW-11 Tw n/c (bought at 2015     NYS Bred Ewe Sale)

            Dutchess County Fair 4H Champion Natural-colored Ram

Melissa Cunningham-

Anchorage 1421-16BB, recessively colored (Adbl Aa)  ram lamb.

             NEYSS    3rd Intermediate Ram Lamb
            Terryville Fair (CT) Supreme Ram
            Goshen Fair (CT)     Res. Supreme Ram
            Durham Fair (CT)    Res. Ch. Romney Ram
            Portland Fair (CT)    Res. Supreme Ram

Mackenzie Joray

Anchorage 1353-15           
            Terryville Fair (CT) 1st Natural-colored yearling Romney ewe
            Goshen Fair (CT)     1st Natural-colored yearling Romney ewe
            Bethlehem Fair (CT)  1st Natural-colored yearling Romney ewe

Courtney Lyman

Anchorage F-1392 n/c Ewe lamb
              NEYSS 4th place ewe lamb
               Big E Junior Show 1st  Senior Ewe Lamb
               Woodstock Fair 1st Senior Ewe Lamb

               Natural-colored Romney Futurity winner

Josh Neumann

Anchorage -1351BB-15 n/c yearling ram
              Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival Junior Show Champion Ram 

               Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival Open Show  Res. Ch. Ram
Anchorage 1393 n/c ewe lamb

               Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival Best N/C Fleece both Jr. and Open Show
Penny Freeman

Home-bred ewe lamb out of  her Anchorage ewe  

              Terryville Fair (CT)  Supreme Ewe and Res. Ch. Fleece

Nate Trojanoski.

 Natural-colored  yearling ram out of AF-1180 (highest selling Romney ever at NYS Bred  Ewe and Ewe Lamb Sale 2013)  sired by  Pitchfork Ranch 721 n/c

                Durham Fair (CT) Supreme Champion  Ram

                NAILE Fleece Show Res. Ch. Natural Colored Fleece