2019 Review

Anchorage Farm  did not take sheep to the Maryland Sheep and  Wool Festival in 2019. after a run of twenty-five years with only  a year or two skipped.  Nor did we go to the Great Lakes Show and Sale, nor  the Big E nor  the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, our former haunts.  All our purebred sales were from the farm, and are likely to be that way from now on.  We did sell fleeces at the NYSSWF.  Below is he text of  our ad in the Dec 2019 Romney Ramblings. 

                                                                      RECESSIVE-COLORED       WHITE        DOMINANT-COLORED

                                                                                 “We do not show anymore…….but our genetics sure do”

Congratulations to the following Romney breeders for their faith in our breeding program!

Pitchfork Ranch, Michigan:  Supreme White Ewe 2019 New York State Sheep & Wool Festival  w/ Anchorage Bloodlines 

Melissa Cunningham, Connecticut : Supreme Fleece 2019 Big E on a fleece from “Jake”  Supreme Ram at Goshen and Durham Fairs   Sire of “Jake” is Anchorage 1421B, recessively-colored

Courtney Lyman, Massachusetts: Lyman 1801—Best Natural-colored  Fleece 2018 NAILE Junior Show   Lyman 1802 was  Champion Natural- colored  Romney Ewe NEYSS & Sussex, NJ  These twin ewes are out of an Anchorage ewe.

Tabitha Westermann, New Jersey: Champion & Reserve  Champion Romney Ewe -2019 Sussex, NJ  4-H Show   Champion Romney Ram -2019 Sussex, NJ 4-H Show    These three  are all Anchorage breeding

Penny Freeman Kemp, Connecticut:  Anchorage Farm 1661 was Champion Ram and Best Fleeced  at 2019 New Jersey Sheep & Fiber Festival and  Champion Ram at local 4-H Show.

Kylee Cole, New York:  Anchorage 1664  Reserve Champion Natural Colored Longwool Ewe at Dutchess County Fair


For 2019 lambing outcomes, see the bottom of the Sheep Health page