For Sale

 No brood ewes for sale as of Feb 1.  After June 1st we will have white, recessively-colored and white “color carriers”  (white with one recessive allele at the agouti locus)


Yearling Rams
White yearling ram sired by Chapin 145 who was Supreme White Ram at NYS Sheep and Wool Festival. Beautiful breed character and gorgeous fleece.

Recessive yearling ram sired by Anchorage 1395,   has a beautiful fleece.

Yearling ewes
We have dominantly-colored  and recessively-colored  yearlings available now.

Ewe lambs and ram lambs
We will have white, dominantly-colored and recessively-colored  lambs available by the end of April

Contact Graeme any time to talk about adding to your flock in   2020.  845 399 2379