Anchorage Farm, Saugerties NY
Registered Romney Sheep 

photo by Sue Stewart

JUST BROWSING                            photo by Sue Stewart

GRIEVOUS  NEWS SPRING 2016:  Sue,  beloved wife of Anchorage manager Graeme Stewart,  died in March. Click here to  to read our tribute and memories on the News and Views page

Our mission  is to support and advance agriculture in the Hudson-Catskills region, realizing this with Romney sheep — the world’s most important dual-purpose breed.

Our vision is to be the first place in the country to which people look for seedstock Romneys.

Our goals

  •  true dual-purpose sheep
  •  flock fertility above the  the breed average
  •  uniformity of fleeces within and between animals
  •  improving  the breed from within
  •  keep  in balance with  indigenous wildlife
  •  soil health
  •  work safety

Some objectives:

  • wean 1.6 lambs for every ewe exposed
  • sell >500 lbs of fleece/year direct to handspinners or yarn mills
  • have 10%  of  lambs  each year that are  “recessively colored”
  • place high in all  shows we go to
  • flock free of ovine progressive pneumonia and  caseous  lymphadenitis
  • reputation   for  high ethical standards
  • accident-free farm

Please browse,  enjoy the slide show and contact Graeme Stewart with any questions  845 399 2379