For Sale

In autumn 2016 we sold five brood ewes exposed in the autumn, three at Rhinebeck and two by private treaty.  Early in 2017 we transferred to a farm in MA six mature brood ewes exposed in the fall.  Thus we expect 20-25% fewer lambs than usual this year and may need to re-stock ewes for 2017 breeding.

We finished  lambing in early March.  Lambs  of both sexes are available this spring in the following categories:

  • white (Awt A_ E+ E+)  WARNING: fewer available than in most years because we lambed fewer ewes .  Call Graeme soon 845 399 2379
  • recessively-colored (Ax Ay E+ E+)  details are on the Recessive color page   A very nice  group of four rams and five ewes  Call Graeme soon 845 399 2379
  • white color-carrier ewes (Awt Ax E+ E+)
  • natural-colored “extension dominant”  (A_ A_ Ed E_)  WARNING: fewer than in most years because we lambed fewer ewes Call Graeme soon 845 399 2379

How many lambs in each category will be available,   it’s still  too early to say,  but not many  in any category.  You can signal interest to Graeme at any time, but we don’t recommend buying until the lamb is past weaning.  We have consigned  a natural-colored lamb to the Maryland Sale in early May and will have ewes at Rhinebeck in October.  We won’t go to Worcester OH this year.

More details regarding the agouti recessively-colored lambs and the white color-carriers are found on the Recessive Color page.  Early-life photos of the recessively-colored lambs from 2016 and 2017 are posted on the Romney Recessive site that Maggie Howard masters.

 Also for sale:  Two white yearling rams and  one  recessively-colored yearling ram.  Call Graeme 845 399 2379.


page updated April 3, 2017