For Sale

With (on purpose) just nine  lambs in spring 2023, we can’t offer a wide array. As of May 13,  we offer two  yearling ewes for sale

In the yearling ewe group those we think are white with no color in background (Awt A_ E+ E+) are not for sale.  As our recessive numbers go up, we have to conserve this alleloptype

White “color carriers”   sired by a recessive ram (Awt Ax E+ E+) we have  one for sale.

Yearling ewes with extension dominant color (A_A_ Ed E_) we could spare one. 

There is one recessively-colored (Albl Ay E+ E+) yearling ewe who will be staying here, the apple of our eyes.

We do  have available for sale a handsome white yearling ram with no known b ancestry (Awt A_ E+ E+) and a handsome extension-dominant yearling ram (A_A_ Ed E_).

Because we cut back so hard on breeding  in 2022, we don’t plan to offer any mature ewes in 2023

Graeme Stewart retired as of May 1.  Inquiries should go to Graeme’s successor, Cameron Pedigo, at 845 217 1974. We’re privileged that Graeme will continue to advise us and Cameron on which sheep will be best for each one of our established, and our new, buyers.