For Sale

As of end of July 2019 we have no white or extension dominant ewes of any age for sale. Repeat and new buyers have taken every one. available.  We do have a couple of “recessive” ewe lambs and might find a recessive yearling ewe for the right  buyer. We won’t be consigning this year to the NYS Bred Ewe and Ewe Lamb sale as we had  every year until 2017 for twenty-plus years. 

We have two  recessive yearlings rams aged 2, proven sires with dark  agouti alleles.  We might be willing to sell one of them.  

We have recessive ram lambs.  also at the dark end of the agouti spectrum.  Early life photos of all rams available by email for the asking.

Contact Graeme any time to talk about adding to your flock in  2019 or 2020.  845 399 2379