For Sale

In late January 2018 it’s too early  to identify  individuals.  We will have for sale lambs of both sexes in four color-genetics categories:

white with no known color background  Awt Awt E+E+

natural-colored extension dominant A_A_EdE+ or (much less likely ) A_A_Ed Ed

natural-colored recessive Ax Ay E+ E+  (where x is a color allele at agouti, as is y,  and x may or may not = y)

white “color carrier” Awt Ax E+ E+

How many lambs in each category will be available,   it’s still  too early to say.  You can signal interest to Graeme at any time, and visit early if you want,  but we don’t let lambs leave the farm until  until after weaning (at ~ 60 days). 

We will have only a few yearling ewes for sale in 2018. Contact Graeme as early as possible after Feb 1 about that age group, especially if you know you want a ewe in one of the above color genetics categories.

We plan to  consign to the sale at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (rams permitted) in early May and to the NYS Bred Ewe and Ewe Lamb Sale  in October;so, most of our sales we be from the farm.

More details regarding the agouti recessively-colored lambs and the white color-carriers will appear  on the Recessive Color page.  Early-life photos of the recessively-colored lambs from 2016 and 2017 are posted on the Romney Recessive site that Maggie Howard masters.

As to yearling and mature rams, we will likely have a recessively-colored ram available.  For details, call Graeme as soon after Feb 1 as you like.   

Call Graeme 845 399 2379.


page updated Jan 28 2018