Buyers Last Four Years

 We are very grateful to these individuals, and families and farms who added registered Romneys from our flock to theirs in 2016

Phebe Alley NY  **

Little Rest Farm,   Blair Family  OH *   ***

Melissa Cunningham CT

Few of  Ewe Farm MA

Barbara and Eric Goodchild MA *

Henny Penny Farm CT *  ***

Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery NY **

Mackenzie Joray CT

Courtney Lyman  MA

Betsy McPherson VA

Gregory Neumann NY

Josh Neumann  NY ***

Pitchfork Ranch MI **   ***

Star Mar Farm OH

Chad Williamson NC


likewise  in,  in 2015, to

Phebe Alley NY *

Little Rest Farm, Blair family OH

Circle B Farm, Burgess family  OH *   ***

Abby Crisp NY

Shelby Crisp NY

Cheryl Dunlap OH

Cadence Higgins CT

Helena Kagan NY

Matt Lafferty MA

Pitchfork Ranch MI *

Chris Posberg NJ **   ***

Marianne Weitzel VA


in 2014

Henny Penny Farm CT

Abigail Crisp NY

Jackson Crisp NY

Circle B Farm, the Burgess family OH

Jordan Vineyard OH

Jim Cowling NJ

Nate Trojanoski CT ** ***

Regina Embler NY *

Amanda Barcenas PA

Randy and Elaine Thompson WA


Going back to 2013,  we say the same  about

Melanie and Colleen Hayes, NY *

Jeff  Jordan, NH

Lara Kazo, NH **

Dennis King, VA

Jeff and Scarlett Lamphier, NY

William Schwitzer, NY

Nathaniel Trojanowski, CT

Matt and Susan Husk, VT

 and repeat ourselves  for  2012, thanking:

Baker Family, NY **

Foster Farm, NY **

Haley and Josie James, OH *

Heart Rock Farm, ME

Hidden Valley Farm, CT

Lara Kazo, NH *

Carolyn Lafferty, NY

Emily Linton, FL *

Bekah Parent, VT*

Alison Seyfert, MD


*second-time  **has bought at least two from us before  ***took home more than one this year