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Supreme white long-wool ram drive NYS SWF 2013

Supreme white long-wool ram drive NYS SWF 2013

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show and sale highlights of  prior years;
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states into which Anchorage Romneys have gone.

For calendar 2015 as of mid-August,  we have

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in the Natural-colored Romney division 3rd junior ram lamb; 2nd and 5th yearling ewes; 1st pair yearling ewes,; 3rd and 7th ewe lambs and 1st pair  pair ewe lambs;  second flock.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Sale our natural-colored junior ewe lamb was high-selling Romney

Great Lakes Sale:  Ch natural-colored ewe and Res. Ch white ewe

At the All-American Sheep Show (Springfield MA) white ewes bred here placed 2nd (owned and shown by Phebe Alley) 4th ( owned and shown by Abby Crisp) and 6th owned and shown by (Jackson Crisp)  in a strong class of 18.

At the Michigan Fiber Festival ,  an Anchorage-bred ram lamb owned by the Burgess family of Circle B Farm, Ohio, was Supreme Ch ram.  Circle B also took two Anchorage-bred ewe lambs to the Ohio State Fair where they stood 3rd and 4th in a class of fourteen long-wool natural colored.